our expertise

Bites is a production studio with the largest technical facilities and one of the most experienced teams in the world when it comes to table-top and SFX productions. Our scale is of significant importance when it comes to efficiency, quality and safety of film production.

We execute projects that require specialized processes and a wealth of experience – from the most technically advanced tvc productions, to those that are implemented with new media in mind.

Our expertise stems from our attention to detail and unrivalled specialization. In the pre-production and implementation process, we pay particular attention to the smallest details which ultimately affect the quality of production – both in creative, visual and operational terms.

Our studio

2 spacious studios with a full infrastructure and technical facilities – 2 dressing rooms, 2 food stylist kitchens, client rooms, offices, workshops, magazines, social spaces.

Studio Bites 1: 1100m2 (700m2 of shooting space),
Studio Bites 2: 1100m2 (720m2 of shooting space).

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MoCo, robotics

Motion control systems – high speed robotic arms are one of the basic tools of our everyday work. We have 3 Bolt robots and 18mb of tracks that can be used with two of them. That enables us to work simultaneously on 2 or more units. Apart from purely high speed and table top projects our robots often perform on live action plans, where the speed, precision and repeatability are of the essence.

Our years of experience has brought a one of its kind expertise.

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special effects

Special effects are our power. We work in a large, multi-person team of experienced and creative engineers & technicians. We design effects that implement visually the directors’ most daring visions . We do it effectively, efficiently and reliably. It is not magic, but the sum of experiences, a well-prepared process and the courage to experiment and go beyond the existing visual boundaries.

Hundreds of completed projects make us an exceptionally good partner for achieving even the most complex and demanding visual effects on set.

remote shoot

‘Smart remote’ – one of our operating models, is a process based on multi-stage tests and effective remote workflow, without the extra burden of additional budgets.

Our focus is divided into two main aspects: top-quality remote tests and effective remote shooting. The actual shoot takes place with the use of a very effective communication platform with the Client, the Agency and the Director working comfortably from any place around the globe.

We offer a simultaneous shoot on 2 or more units (two robots and two cameras at the same time).

How does it work?

Maggi - case study

Here’s the story of the biggest remote shoot we’ve ever done.

Maggi was a highly perilous project, everything was managed remotely, the Director was remote, the Agency and Client were remote too. We worked 100 hours on the set, managing communication across 3 time zones (Europe, Asia and United States).

We were working simultaneously on two units, the scenes with actors were filmed using two robot arms and we had 7 days of shooting complex special effects.