We are an innovative production hub, fueled by merging creativity with new technologies. All these to deliver precisely tailored content production services.

About us

Creativity is what makes our world go round, thus we strongly believe in building long-term relationships, as well as supporting directors, DoP, photographers and all other visual artists.

By blending this with perspectives brought by emerging technologies we hone and develop the whole range of our services.

Our unique efficiency comes from combining the arising possibilities with our in-house resources. Thanks to this dynamics and up-to-date approach, we are able to meet your needs in every step of commercial content production. Beginning with concept development and ending with the final shoot at the studio.

Our brands

  • Our production studio, delivering high-end videos and photography with a focus on food and beauty.

  • A tech-driven services company focused on motion control and virtual production.

  • A global portal serving as a source of inspiration and dialogue across tabletop industry, curated by Bites Studio.

  • A unique initiative concentrated around visual arts, operating as visual lab, meeting point and in-house r&d facility.

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Our Team

Ambitious, creative, multitasking, open-minded and very, very curious about new challenges…

We are a group of highly specialized professionals: producers, production managers, SFX supervisors, engineers, technicians and motion control programmers – all coming together to form an absolutely unique in-house team.

  • Jakub Laskus

    Jakub Laskus Bites

    general manager

  • Mikołaj Krawczunas

    Mikołaj Krawczunas Bites

    visual artist / tech development lead / Chptr manager

  • Mateusz Granat

    Mateusz Granat Bites Studios

    production manager

  • Kuba Kozłowski

    Kuba Kozłowski Bites Studios

    head of production

  • Katarzyna Raczyńska

    Katarzyna Raczyńska Bites


  • Kasia Leśniak

    Kasia Leśniak Bites

    business development director

  • Dominik Orpel

    Dominik Orpel Tilt

    general manager

  • Daria Skomorowska

    Daria Skomorowska Bites

    finanse assistant

  • Agnieszka Celej

    Agnieszka Celej Director'y

    chief editor \ art director

  • Michał Raczyński

    Michał Raczyński Tilt

    moco supervisor

  • Łukasz Mergner

    Łukasz Mergner Tilt

    camera rental manager

  • Rafał Wiśniewski

    Rafał Wiśniewski Bites Studios

    sfx engineer \ light & grip

  • Michał Bryk

    Michał Bryk Bites Studios

    sfx engineer \ moco technician

  • Igor Gołczyński

    Igor Gołczyński Bites Studios

    edit/color grading

  • Sara Gołębiowska

    Sara Gołębiowska Bites Studios

    production coordinator

  • Karol Stępniewski

    Karol Stępniewski Bites Studios

    edit/color grading

  • Karolina Głodek

    Karolina Głodek Bites

    marketing manager

  • Dominik Kostka

    Dominik Kostka Bites Studios

    camera assistant

  • Krzysztof Urbaniak

    Krzysztof Urbaniak Bites Studios

    sfx engineer

  • Zuzia Lachowicz

    Zuzia Lachowicz Director'y

    editorial team

  • Bartosz Kordek

    Bartosz Kordek Bites Studios

    sfx engineer

  • Roman Adasko

    Roman Adasko Bites Studios

    studio + light & grip assistant

  • Pola Jasiewicz

    Pola Jasiewicz Bites Studios

    photo producer

  • Bartek Garski

    Bartek Garski Bites Studios

    workshop manager

  • Staś Czerniawski

    Staś Czerniawski Bites Studios

    production coordinator

  • Paweł Kwarciak

    Paweł Kwarciak Bites Studios

    sfx engineer

  • Bartek Kubisz

    Bartek Kubisz Bites Studios

    studio manager

  • Kristina Zhebrik

    Kristina Zhebrik Chptr

    studio manager

  • Ksawery Kowalski

    Ksawery Kowalski Bites Studios

    light & grip manager

  • Jacek Urbański

    Jacek Urbański Bites Studios

    focus puller / camera assistant

  • Katarzyna Wąs

    Katarzyna Wąs Chptr

    art advisor

  • Samuel Świdurski

    Samuel Świdurski Bites Studios

    studio assistant

  • Darek Soliński

    Darek Soliński Bites Studios

    studio assistant

  • Krzysztof Solich

    Krzysztof Solich Bites Studios

    junior moco operator