Smart remote

What does this mean in practice?

• more advanced pre-testing – in essence reflecting the final project by as much as 70-80%
• aside from any special effects, the tests will also detail: camera movement, required lighting, simplified set details, props and the initial considerations for effective food styling
• many more conversations and discussions will be held concerning the final materials being created and more time will be given to the introduction of any necessary corrections before the final shoot commences
• in certain situations, the actual pre-production process may be spread over several days


Currently, the physical presence of Creatives or Clients on set may be problematic. It may happen, that the Director will be physically absent.
We have created solutions that allow for fully-fledged working. It doesn’t limit, in any way, the quality of the work or the freedom for qualified decision making.

That means :

• a tangible organization of the complete working process, including software and hardware solutions

• communication solutions ensuring a total peace-of-mind and comfort of the Director’s input (if he is working remotely)
• the studio operating with only the absolutely necessary team members present, with specific competencies and extensive experience in working together
• introduction of simultaneous working involving 2 or more units (two robots and two cameras at the same time). We have an unquestionable reputation for such efficiency, which fits perfectly into the specifics of remote working.