Our tabletop specialization, technical capabilities and extremely effective pre production process is of great value when it comes to supporting new partners’ productions. We are always open to close collaborations and are willing to cooperate with all the amazing producers, post production houses, agencies, individual Directors and DoP’s located globally, be it remotely or on the ground in our studios. We are at your service, let’s cooperate!


new partners

Juice, the award-winning visual effects and sound studio with offices in Warsaw, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Bites, one of the most innovative table-top companies worldwide, with best in class specialists and the world’s largest technical infrastructure, have come together to increase the studios’ resources and capabilities.

The Bites&Juice partnership provides clients in the Asia Pacific and around the globe a completely new workflow with a unique methodology that precedes every shoot, all executed remotely. The concept of the partnership is to unite pre-production, production, and post production process under one roof, and to guarantee full control over every single stage of the project.

Combining the know-how and top-notch expertise that both companies possess, bring whole new perspectives without creative limits.

Jakub Laskus (Founder of Bites.) & Michał Misiński (Partner and Director at Juice) walk us through the backstage of this collaboration. Take a look at how it all started:

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