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We are creative artists - technologists, filmmakers, photographers AND designers, working with visual media

Our passion is to make everyday objects beautiful. We specialize in projects that involve filming and photographing food and products. Give us a challenge, we enjoy realizing the most demanding assignments. Openness and communication are key to making the process a success not forgetting the occasional cup of tea.

Using our production experience, we have designed a custom-made studio environment to provide the best possible working conditions. Comfortable, practical and fully equipped for optimum results. Our in-house resources ensure cost effective solutions for producing:food commercials, internet videos, product demos and photo shoots. Tell us what you want, we know how to make it.


Our Approach


We provide access to the best cameras, lenses and motion control system. The studio is furnished, among others, with a Phantom Flex high-speed camera and the fastest, most effective motion control system - we call it COLE - our robot-cam. We offer the complete infrastructure to shoot and produce high-class table top films.


Our workshop facilities and experienced team allow us to design and create rigs to realize the most sophisticated visual effects. We effectively combine electronics, pneumatic and control systems for custom-made solutions.


The director as visionary leader of the project is the most important choice to be made. We cooperate with a wide range of talented directors. We suggest the best one for each job.


Equipment doesn’t work without the right people to use it. A great working atmosphere is important for a satisfying shoot. Thanks to our supporting crew of stylists, set designers and experienced set assistants, our productions are made efficiently to meet the highest standards.



Bites / Reel 2016
Cukiernia Sowa / DIR. Bartosz Zdziarski
Wedel / DIR. Jakub Laskus
Żołądkowa / DIR. Jakub Laskus
Wawel / DIR. Piotr Rzepliński
Aviko / DIR. Bartosz Zdziarski
Krakuski / DIR. Jakub Laskus
KithenAid / DIR. Jakub Laskus
Wedel / DIR. Bartosz Zdziarski
North Fish / DIR. Jakub Laskus
Folwark / DIR. Jakub Laskus
Sosy Łowicz / DIR. Jakub Laskus
Radler / DIR. Bartosz Zdziarski
Avon / DIR. Jakub Laskus
Hugo Boss / DIR. Jakub Laskus

Motion control

8 multi impulse triggers
8 multi impulse triggers
high precise and ultra fast camera movements
high-precise and ultra-fast camera movements
high tech camera system
high-tech camera system

For high-speed shooting and special effects, we work with a new standalone camera robot.  The new robot allows ultra-fast and high-precision camera movements that have so far not been technically available at this level. The camera robot scores top marks for its outstanding rigidity. In combination with the lightweight yet sturdy camera mounting, the robot guarantees perfect, vibration-free images and sequences in impressive quality.

The high-speed camera robot offers greater scope and new opportunities. There are no longer any limitations to the creativity of directors or to the technical implementation of special effects.


Special effects

Waves, streams, pours, droplets, foam

– you name it.

We have the know-how and the equipment to carry out virtually all liquid-related effects. Whenever your script requires impressive fountains or liquids flowing under pressure, we can produce quality footage in an efficient way.


We make comprehensive physical effects, including those that involve fluid dynamics. When objects need to be in motion—splash, explode or scatter—we design and build mechanical systems to make it possible.
Electronic devices (such as timers, programmable controllers, sensors and actuators) perform automated tasks in rapid sequences, according to the specific needs and circumstances. This allows us to synchronize movements precisely with the camera, which is vital especially when filming in slow motion.


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Magdalena Garska
Head of Production
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