who we are

We are globally trusted specialists partnering with agencies, production companies, directors and brands to deliver the most creative top-notch food & product content.

Bites is a service studio dedicated to the magic of best of class food SFX.
Crunch is a content house focusing on product films and photography for the digital era.
Director’y is our independent initiative showcasing stunning food & tabletop directors from all around the world.

With our studios spaces, technical facilities and experienced team we have the world’s largest production potential dedicated to table-top projects.


Bites. / how we work?

From the initial brief to completion, we have put in place appropriate steps to ensure that efficiency and top-notch quality is maintained. Each stage has been designed as a springboard to the next one. Only when everyone is happy with each stage do we move on to the next – no guesses, no if’s or but’s. This way of working guarantees a much faster and cleaner way of running the process with everyone concerned being on exactly the same page.

The advantages are clear. Precision + Efficiency + Thorough preparation = Production excellence.


    Storyboard analysis

    Remote meeting with the Creative Team and the Director

    Stage outcome

    Clear design assumptions

    Director’s expectations


    Preparation of any reference materials

    Second working meeting with the Creative Team and the Director

    Stage outcome

    Detailed shooting steps based on studio reference materials

    What We Achieve

    An in-depth analysis and eventual directions for visual effects


    SFX tests

    Camera movement tests

    Lighting tests

    Simplified set tests

    Food styling tests

    Stage outcome

    the Director and the Client can see individual shots and special effects as recorded and with camera movement

    What We Achieve

    the Director and Client see individual shots and special effects recorded with camera movement


    General rehearsal of all tangible elements

    Communication tests with the Director and the Agency Final concept test

    Stage outcome

    Editing outline of selected sequences or the whole film

    What We Achieve

    Clearly at the stage of pre-production the film is advanced in its completion – it creates the possibility of a very exact final implementation assessment


    Complete remote shoot together with full crew

    Stage outcome

    Final footage

crunch / content house

Crunch is a visual content house, where product content is crafted with digital channels in mind.

We’ve brought all the necessary competences under one roof, which means we deal with the creative process, production design, shooting and post production – all in-house.

That gives us full control over every minute detail of production. And results in no compromise between quality, price and time.


Directory / World's first food & table-top directors hub

We firmly believe in the development of the tabletop industry, especially when it comes to searching for new visual forms, styles and formal solutions – mutual education seems to be the best way for that.

That’s why we came up with the idea of DIRECTOR’y – the world’s first food & tabletop directors hub, a transparent initiative curated by studio Bites.

Dozens of outstanding directors from all over the world with an enormous inspiration of all kinds of specialities, styles and approaches. For the first time, everyone showcased in one place.

Get inspired, discover new creators and broaden your film production contacts. Welcome to the amazing world of food & tabletop directors!


people & values

Ambitious, creative, multitasking, open-minded and very, very curious about new challenges…

We are a group of highly specialized professionals: producers, production managers, SFX supervisors, engineers, technicians and motion control programmers – all coming together to form an absolutely unique in-house team.

We are diverse by nature.

We believe diversity is in the nature of innovation and creativity. We want all of our team to feel respected, appreciated, and free to be who they are. Together we stand for an inclusive culture that listens to all the voices of our team.

  • Jakub Laskus

    Jakub Laskus / Bites


  • Mikołaj Krawczunas

    Mikołaj Krawczunas / Crunch


  • Mateusz Granat

    Mateusz Granat / Bites

    production manager

  • Kuba Kozłowski

    Kuba Kozłowski / Bites


  • Katarzyna Raczyńska

    Katarzyna Raczyńska / Bites


  • Kasia Leśniak

    Kasia Leśniak / Crunch

    managing director

  • Kasia Lachowicz

    Kasia Lachowicz / Bites


  • Kuba Mączka

    Kuba Mączka / Bites

    production manager

  • Dominik Orpel

    Dominik Orpel / Bites

    executive producer

  • Daria Skomorowska

    Daria Skomorowska / Bites

    finanse assistant

  • Maciek Kapłucha

    Maciek Kapłucha / Bites

    production assistant

  • Agnieszka Celej

    Agnieszka Celej / Crunch

    art director

  • Michał Raczyński

    Michał Raczyński / Bites

    moco manager

  • Łukasz Mergner

    Łukasz Mergner / Bites

    camera & video operator

  • Rafał Wiśniewski

    Rafał Wiśniewski / Bites

    sfx engineer

  • Michał Bryk

    Michał Bryk / Bites

    sfx engineer

  • Igor Gołczyński

    Igor Gołczyński / Crunch

    edit/color grading

  • Sara Gołębiowska

    Sara Gołębiowska / Director'y

  • Marcin Fisher

    Marcin Fisher / Crunch

    post supervisor

  • Karol Stępniewski

    Karol Stępniewski / Crunch

    edit/color grading

  • Karolina Głodek

    Karolina Głodek / Bites

    marketing manager

  • Dominik Kostka

    Dominik Kostka / Bites

    camera & video manager

  • Konstanty Biely

    Konstanty Biely / Bites

    sfx engineer

  • Krzysztof Urbaniak

    Krzysztof Urbaniak / Bites

    sfx engineer

  • Alek Wojda

    Alek Wojda / Bites


  • Jacek Urbański

    Jacek Urbański / Bites

    camera & video operator

  • Zuzia Lachowicz

    Zuzia Lachowicz / Director'y

  • Bartosz Kordek

    Bartosz Kordek / Bites

    sfx engineer

  • Roman Adasko

    Roman Adasko / Crunch

    studio assistant

  • Bartek Garski

    Bartek Garski / Bites

    workshop manager

  • Paweł Kwarciak

    Paweł Kwarciak / Bites

    sfx engineer

  • Ania Maciejewska

    Ania Maciejewska / Crunch

    junior project manager

going green

It matters! We know it and we are ready for changes.

We want to be an organization that radically reduces the carbon footprint, implements the principles of common sense and moderation, encourages understanding and uses its resources and experience to support efficient projects promoting a greener way.

We implement it in two activities:

1. First of all, a reduction in the consumption of unprocessed materials. We focus on the basic essentials in our studios – advanced waste segregation on filming sets, reducing energy consumption by using LED lighting on filming sets, and reducing water consumption.

2. We have launched a production fund – we have allocated a budget that will allow us to produce several spots a year promoting important international pro-ecological initiatives. For this purpose, we are in the process of establishing connections with international pro-ecological organizations.