Jakub Laskus Director / DP / SFX designer


Jakub’s experience is strongly based in product photography. This has shaped his sense of aesthetics and sensitivity to detail. Jakub is precise in composing images, focused on the search for exceptional, artistic lighting. He designs special effects – searching for innovative techniques and new ways to show packaging, fluids and food. He constructs rigs and equipment which allow Bites to control inanimate objects. As well as specializing in product demos, he also works effectively with narrative forms.


Nespresso / Dir.Jakub Laskus
Orange juice / Dir.Jakub Laskus
Żołądkowa / Dir.Jakub Laskus
Czekolada Wedlowska / Dir. Jakub Laskus
Tofflairs / Dir. of demo part Jakub Laskus