We work together with Directors, DOP's and Creative Directors, that is the essence of our organisation. We are a trusted and reliable partner in the realm of implementing and completing projects that entail an unusual and best-in-class approach, together with a close-knit creative partnership at all levels.

We do not represent individuals. That is the agent's and production houses' role with whom we closely cooperate with. Our role, is to facilitate the unleashing of the boldest and most creative visions, which are as plentiful as there are amazing artists. We have had the pleasure of working with several individuals, of whom, particularly noteworthy are:

Ronald Koetzier, Karina Taira, Ivo Wajgaard, Nick Sayer, Karolina Lewicka, Marcin Filipek, Mikołaj Syguda, Jacek Szymański, Martyna Iwańska, Mateusz Dziekoński, Daniel Jaroszek, Bartek Kędzierski, Łukasz Zabłocki, Iwona Bielecka, Kajetan Plis, Paweł Fabjański