We can carry out a remote shoot for your project. It's simple and very effective.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - no need to travel.

EXACTLY THE SAME HIGH QUALITY - the execution of the remote shoot in our studio is done in the
same professional way as with our other table-top shoots.

SIMPLE INTER-COMMUNICATION - the only thing you need is a computer, a monitor, a microphone
and a loudspeaker. A comfortable sofa and some snacks are a welcome extra.

TOTAL CONTROL – the camera image is streamed live to you. You see exactly the same thing as the
director at each shot. Preview files are uploaded immediately. Simultaneous video conferencing means
you can discuss with the director and producer as necessary.

FILES AVAILABLE POST-SHOOT - Materials sent pronto after shoot via super-quick FTP.

TIME FLEXIBILITY – we work with you to suit your time zone.

Don't forget – you are always welcome at BITES. Drop in for a chat and some great coffee !