Each project requires careful and thorough preparation. Some jobs are less complex, while others require numerous attempts to seek out the right effect that is anticipated by the creative team. We find the right solutions, that are visually innovative, address the goals of the whole film, while at the same time are readily achievable during shooting. This happens in several stages:

STEP 1. / BRIEFING / Getting thoroughly acquainted with the Director's treatment is the crucial starting point for the whole process. Understanding the intentions and visual goals coupled with the narrative and frame objectives is essential. In discussing with the director, we can outline parameters which form the basis of future visual solutions.

STEP 2. / VISUAL CONECPT / Detailed proposals are prepared and presented for the implementation of each of the shots. The types of special effects together with visual references help to illustrate the expected effect we are trying to achieve.

STEP 3. / CREATING AND TESTING / Preparing for testing involves, developing, designing and making rigs, testing products and substances that we intend to use for the shots. By carrying out in-depth analysis, we can evaluate objectively the outcome of the desired effects. Everything is recorded with the relevant and appropriate cameras, and if needed, by using motion control. Tests are run until the creative expectations are fully met.

STEP 4. / SHOOT / At this stage, all of the previously tested and approved effects are shot. Shooting day is the culmination of the meticulously prepared project.